We are setting up a P&H 200 Club to boost our funds and give you a chance to win cash prizes. All our members, parents and friends who are 16 or over and resident in the UK can join.


How to play?
For £20.00 p.a. starting in September 2019 you are allocated a unique number in our draws. If your number is drawn you will win a cash prize. You can also subscribe for more than one number which increases your chances of a prize in each draw. There are monthly draws from October through to June.

50% of net proceeds will be allocated as prizes
50% will be used to support P&H. Encourage your friends and family to join in!
First Prize 2 x £40
2nd Prize 2 x £25
3rd Prize 2 x £15

Plus the big ones of £100 each in January, March, May, October, December. 

Please note amounts may be different if we have fewer than 200 members in the Club.

Download and complete the Bank Standing Order below and you could be one of our lucky cash prize winners.