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Cubs Sixers Camp

9 November 2014

Over the (wet and muddy) weekend of 8/9 November, Petersham and Ham Cubs hosted a Sixer’s Camp with Cubs from Leander Sea Scouts.  A Sixer’s camp typically involves older Cubs – the sixers and seconders – getting to do things that are more suitable for older Cubs and prepare them for going up to Scouts.

It was quite a long weekend, starting with Cubs arriving from 10am to help lay out the campsite and put up tents.  Everyone needed to quick as the rain was on and off during the morning.

Once all the tents were up it was time for lunch – Chris’ home made pasties.  These were the best pasties ever!  The problem was that the pasties were locked in a box and we’d forgotten the combination.  Luckily the combination was written on puzzles scattered throughout the woods.  So the Cubs had to go and find the clues, guess the correct order and then we could all eat!

Following lunch the Cubs got to do a number of activities.  These included:

  • Axe work
  • Shelter building
  • Fire lighting
  • Using a compass
  • Making a friendship bracelet

The evening meal, a chicken curry with rice and papadums with mango chutney, was mostly prepared by the Cubs – outside undercover in the cold, wet and mud.

After diner, and despite the rain, it was time for a night hike to tire everyone out.  It was a good call as it stopped raining a short time after we starting walking.  Cubs needed to use their compass skills to follow directions given in compass bearings and answering questions along the way.  This took us on a walk along the river, past Ham House and Grey Court School.  Eventually leading us to Simon who was parked in a field waiting with some hot chocolate as a reward.  From there, it was back to the scout field where the camp fire was raging and it was time to make some bread twists, bake them on the fire and dip them in Nutella.  And let’s not forget the marshmallows.  Lights out at 10:30pm – which never quite goes to plan and, from memory, it was quiet around midnight.

No mobile phones or electronic devices are allowed and most Cubs don’t wear watches, so it’s really difficult for them to know what the time is.  So the “no noise before 7am” rule was a bit hard to enforce.  There was a lot of “Sssshhhhh”-ing for an hour or so in the morning.  I still don’t know how some Cubs manager to sleep until 8am.

Sunday saw Caron arrive – a welcome sight in all the mud – to help with a cooked breakfast of bacon scrambles eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, etc.  All the stuff Cubs (and Leaders) like to eat and the most important meal of the day.

Following breakfast it was time for some games – mainly capture the flag – before preparing cardboard ovens to bake some rock cakes in for lunch.  This involved lining a cardboard box with aluminium foil, installing a rack to cook on and then placing embers inside to slow cook the cake.  Reminder for next time – don’t put too many embers in the base!

Just before 11am we assembled around the flag pole for a 2 minute silence as it was Remembrance Sunday.

After a lunch it was time to conduct tent inspections, pack away the tents and clear site ready for parents to assist and depart.

Despite the weather, a good time was had by all and everyone was asking when the next camp would be.

Many thanks to Chris and Tim from Leander and Simon, Caron and Richard P&H.


Richard Carde


P&H Sea Scouts