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Cubs Fire Station Visit

22 January 2015

On Monday 12 January 2015, Sea Serpents (Monday Cubs) visited Kingston Fire Station to learn about what happens at the fire station and what fire fighters do.  The fire engines (or fire appliances to the professionals) have loads of equipment on board and serve different purposes.

Cubs got to climb into the fire appliance and, after some experimentation with button pushing, eventually discovered how to turn on the siren and adjust the tones.  We even found out why the different trucks make different tones – to ensure the public are aware of more than one approaching and passing by.

Just as our visit came to an end and we were waiting for the last of the parents to collect Cubs (or finish chatting to the firemen), a call came in and one of the appliances had to attend a job in Richmond – so we all got to wave goodbye as they drove away.  How exciting!

The crew at Kingston Fire Statin (H41) were very welcoming and informative.  Thank you to Kingston Fire Station.