Petersham & Ham Sea Scouts has launched its first ever  Crowdfunding campaign – to raise enough funds to buy a   new, much larger rowing boat called a Skerry.

A Skerry is a safe and stable boat specifically designed for young people to learn to row in, which can carry up to 12 people. We need your help!

Please donate to our cause and share our Skerry Crowdfunding page with your friends, family and colleagues.

We have already succeeded in raising almost £6,000, offline, towards the cost of building this boat, so we are well on our way. Through Crowdfunding, you can help us raise the balance we need to buy this exciting new boat!

Ultimately, we are trying to raise enough money so that our children can learn new skills in a safe environment and go out on the river and have fun.

I hope you agree that this is a cause worth supporting.

Please share this page with friends and family or follow us on facebook for updates…Above all

please CLICK HERE and make a donation today!