Phoenix Project Ready to take off! 

The Group Executive Committee has voted in favour of the newly revised building programme going ahead. As in May quotes from contractors came back over £1,000000 (one million) we have now decided to cut costs and build in stages. Fundraising is continuing to meet the cost of stages. This may increase the time of building and involve a lot more administrative work but we will after 10 years of planning eventually have our new building.

All sections will be meeting at the usual times. Temporary locations still to be negotiated.

Time scales:
Vote Go/No Go. Your vote to be received back by Friday 12 July- approved by majority vote
Clearing out of hut starts 15 July 2019 (including KISH)
Phase 1 – demolition of the hut – starts 19 or 26 August, duration 4 weeks
Phase 2 – foundations and external shell – starts 7 October 2019, duration 12 weeks
Phase 3 – Internal Fit Out – starts the second week of January 2020, duration 12 weeks
Phase 4 – External works including landscaping – March/April 2020

For more details please read here our Initial Project Report (P&H Sea Scouts)- 16 July 2019

Thank you to all who have helped in whatever way to make this happen!