Welcome to Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts.


We are one of the oldest scout troops still in existence, we can trace our roots back to 1908 and have been in continuous operation since then. That is why our leaders look so tired…!

Many past Sea Scouts have gone onto careers on the water and into competitive canoeing and kayaking.
We are a mixed troop of boys and girls and we aim to be inclusive and accessible to all children wanting to be a sea scout.


Sea Scouts regularly get involved in a wide range of water activities from canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, pulling (rowing) and also find time for many of the traditional scouting activities, such as camping and hiking. it is a great place to make friends for life, enjoy the great outdoors and keep fit.

Petersham & Ham Sea Scouts group could not function without the support of our 40 volunteers and we are very grateful for the generous donations of their time and knowledge.

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During this time the troop has endured many interesting events; the scout hut has burned down on several occasions (which is why we are called the Phoenix troop), world wars have come and gone, though a corner of our field still contains the remnants of an old Spitfire from the last one, we have survived the rising Thames tide levels and Leaders, parents and friends have survived repeated attempts to poison them during celebrity dinner nights…!


Royal Navy Recognition

Out of around 450 Sea Scout Groups, only 101 have Royal Navy recognition.  P & H Sea Scouts are very proud to be one of only 101 Sea Scout groups throughout the UK to hold Royal Naval recognition – RN no 56