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Beavers – Thursday Colony

Welcome to the Thursday Beaver Colony homepage

We meet from 17:30 to 18:30 at the Phoenix HQ in term time unless we are having an adventure off-site!

Thursday 10th May we are going to cook on a fire in the Scout field.

Thursday 17th May we are following a trail from the scout hut.

Thursday 24th May we are putting up a tent at the scout hut. 

Thursday 31st May no meeting (school half term break). 

We will be doing the Outdoors Challenge and Camp craft badges which will include; building a fire and cooking on it!

The Summer 2018 Challenge Badge is My Outdoors Challenge Award

The Autumn 2018 Challenge Badge is My World Challenge Award

The Autumn 2017 Challenge Badge is the My Skills Challenge Award

The Summer 2017 Challenge Badge was the My Adventure Challenge

The Spring 2017 Challenge Badge was the Team Work Challenge

Please email for further information

Mark – Beaver Leader, Thursday Colony

P&H Thursday Beaver Colony Essential Guide (Mar 2015)

Scout Gift Aid Form

(Updated 5/4/2017)